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Haigazian University Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its School of Business Administration and Economics

Sep, 26
Haigazian University Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its School of Business Administration and Economics

Organized by the Haigazian University Business Advisory Board, the University celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the School of Business Administration and Economics, at a sunset dinner, which took place on Friday the 20th of September, 2019, at the Telegraph de Bellevue, in the beautiful village of Bhamdoun, Lebanon.
The beautiful vineyards of the venue glittered with the presence of faculty, alumni, students, supporters of the University, heads of academic institutions, bankers, and leading businessmen and women in Lebanon.

This special occasion was chaired by Mr. Raffi Boladian, Chairman of the Business Advisory Board, and animated by Master of Ceremonies, Ms. Taline Boladian. Managing Director of Facebook in the MENA region, Ramez Shehadi was invited as the keynote speaker, Founding Chairman of the School of Business Administration and Economics, Mr. Meguerditch Bouldoukian was recognized and honored, and renowned Lebanese-Armenian composer and pianist Guy Manoukian was there to entertain the audience to higher levels of cheer and happiness. The audience was introduced to the history and achievements of the School of Business through a short documentary prepared by the Development Office.

In his keynote address, industry and technology strategist, now at the regional helm of the social media giant, Facebook, Shehadi focused on the importance of education and learning in this new fast-moving environment. Speaking from his personal experience, Shehadi stressed on key concepts in the modern work culture, that of investing in innovation and cultivating talents. Shehadi put equal emphasis on the notions of “ownership” and “belonging” in companies, in addition to promoting corporate social values which connect people and bring them closer together.

“Our modern times and business endeavors and programs are focused on systems, technologies, and facilities. All important. But let me remind you of the most valuable of the resources, the human being and God-given creativity,” said University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian when presenting the special honoree of the event, Mr. Meguerditch Bouldoukian, a man of professional vision and the initiator of the successful Business Administration program at Haigazian University, fifty years ago. Bouldoukian, who has kept a high level of involvement with

Haigazian University to this day, was invited to the stage to receive his token of appreciation in honor and gratitude for the strong heritage he has created to the University.
The official part of the program came to an end, with Guy Manoukian and his band taking the stage and the audience to a different level of joy and happiness, playing popular Lebanese all-time-favorites.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director