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The Smyrna Catastrophe Remembered

Sep, 21
The Smyrna Catastrophe Remembered

September 20, 2022 – The Centennial of the Burning of Smyrna was solemnly commemorated at Haigazian University today, with special attention to the victims of this major catastrophe, among whom was the Rev. Hagop Yeranian.

Following Dr. Antranig Dakessian’s introduction, President Paul Haidostian gave a general view of cosmopolitan Smyrna, its burning, the genocidal crimes committed, and the ensuing suffering of the Greek and Armenian people in the hands of the Kemalist forces. He then presented the details of the life, ministry, exile, and eventual demise of Rev. Yeranian at the Smyrna Quay in September 1922, at age 66.

Dr. Haidostian concluded by reiterating the vital importance of memory and of studying history and conducting research not only through generalizations but also detail by detail. A period of discussion followed.