Haigazian University

Let’s Build Bridges

Sep, 29
Let’s Build Bridges

The Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue, in cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education at Haigazian University and with the Support of Arab Danish Dialogue Program (Danmission), launched “Let’s Build Bridges!” series of 4 online interfaith webinars from September 12 to 23, 2022.

This initiative followed the successful 9 online sessions, covered during the months of June through August 2021, “Documents of Interfaith Coexistence: To keep the dialogue channels open and active!”

Once again, this cooperation between the organizing entities, brought together renowned experts in the field who thoroughly discussed Christian-Muslim Common Values, Dignity and Social Responsibility, Values in Ecumenical Action, Justice and Impartiality.

Many distinguished speakers brought their insightful participation in the rich interactive sessions: Rev. Dr. Riad Jarjour, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, Dr. Mohammad Al Sammak, Rev. Issa Diab, Father Tanios Khalil, Sayyid Dr. Jaafar Fadlallah, Sr. Bassima El Khoury, Dr. Paul Morcos and Judge Mayssam Noueiri.

The sessions were attended by more than 60 participants from Lebanon, the Arab countries, Europe and the United States; and concluded with important recommendations on practical steps to apply these values and principles in education, social and cultural life and in different initiatives that promote dialogue and maintain human dignity.

“These webinars will be followed by many other successful ones” as promised by Rev. Dr. Jarjour to the participants who are anticipating further cooperation and opportunities to keep the dialogue channels open and active.