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HU Timeline

1955 - Founding of Haigazian College, using the Webb Building.
1966 - Became an institution of higher education by decree # 3/3991
1970 - Purchase of the Mugar Heritage Building.
1971 - Official Recognition of degrees BA & BS, Normal Diploma as equivalent to the Lebanese License.
1987 - Moved the campus to the Christian Medical Center in Ashrafieh District due to war.
1992 - Named Haigazian University College instead of Haigazian College.
1996 - Named, by decree #9657, Haigazian University and starting to grant Masters degrees.
1997 - Moved campus back to its original campus in the Kantari District.
2000 - Incorporated in the USA as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
2001 - Building of a 4th building on the Mugar property.
2004 - Rent of the left wing of the Armenian Evangelical College.
2004 - Purchase of the New Heritage Building Plot.
2011 - Registration of Haigazian University Press
2012 - Inauguration of Haigazian University Armenian Diaspora Research Center

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