Suha Naimy
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Suha Naimy, M.A.

Ms Suha Naimy
Department of English
Office: Mehaguian 305
Tel. ext.: 332

Ms Suha Naimy is an instructor in the Department of English. During her 25 years as an instructor of English as a second language, she has gained abundant experience in the world of com-skills.   In recent years she has undergone training and participated in many workshops and conferences related to the teaching com.skills career.
Ms  Naimy was the coordinator of the Intensive English program; she is now a member on the committee of the Center for Continuing education (CCE). She also serves as an advisor to the student centered English Society.

Working with Communities

MA, Communication Arts, UOB 
CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults), Cambridge
Post Graduate, Philosophy, AUB 
BA, Communication Arts, BUC, OCP Luwayzeh 

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