OR Team
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OR Team

OR Director

Berge Traboulsi, Doctor of Theology
Associate Professor – Faculty of Humanities

OR Faculty

The Orientation Office is staffed by well-qualified Full-Time and Part-Time Instructors and Administrators to accomplish its mission and goals.
OR Instructors came from the 4 Faculties of HU [Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Social Behavior, and Faculty of Business & Economics].
They meet several times each year in order to organize and assess OR programs and activities.


Name Major Office Ext. e-mail
Berge Traboulsi, D.Th. [Director] REL COL 405 245 berge.traboulsi@haigazian.edu.lb

Ali Moukallid, MS

CSC MEH 405 321 ali.moukallid@haigazian.edu.lb

Najoie Nasr, DBA

BAD AB 7 376 najoie.nasr@haigazian.edu.lb
Rita Merhej, PhD candidate
EDU/PSY HER 307 338 rita.merhej@haigazian.edu.lb

Rula Halaby, MS

BIO MEH 604 357 rula.halaby@haigazian.edu.lb

 Sahar Hamzeh, MA 

ENG MEH 302 255  sahar.hamzeh@haigazian.edu.lb

Shaghig Hudaverdian, PhD candidate

 EDU/PSY HER 310 334 shaghig.hudaverdian@haigazian.edu.lb

Shant Estepan, MBA

CSC  MEH 406 328 shant.estepan@haigazian.edu.lb

Wilbert Van Saane, PhD candidate

REL SC 203 312 wilbert.vansaane@haigazian.edu.lb

OR Assistants

The Orientation Assistants Team consists of learners from all academic levels, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior, who are regularly enrolled in the various faculties of HU.
They volunteer to work and provide assistance in OR programs and activities.
They are carefully selected, trained, supervised, and evaluated.
Moreover, they are given appropriate training sessions regarding the Orientation Day, the OR099 course, the HU rules and regulations, and guidance regarding diversity and conflict management.
Their differences, which are recognized and honored, enrich diversity at the university while the assistants adhered to the highest principles of empathy and ethical behavior.

Volunteers who are interested in joining the OR Office may apply online.


OR Online Application

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