Meet the Admissions Staff
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Name: Anahid
LastName: Fermanian
Title: Registrar
Degrees: B.A., Haigazian College - -
Type: Staff
Start Year: 1973
Email Address:
Name: Roupen
LastName: Margossian
Title: Student Recruitment Officer
Degrees: BBA with emphasis on Advertising and Communication - -
Type: Staff
Start Year: 2017
Email Address:
Name: Rita
LastName: Karkourian
Title: Admissions Officer
Degrees: B.A., Haigazian University - -
Type: Staff
Start Year: 2003
Email Address:
Name: Carin
LastName: Moutchoyan
Title: Financial Aid Officer
Degrees: BA in Social Work, Haigazian University - -
Type: Staff
Start Year: 2016
Email Address:
Name: Tamar
LastName: Keshishian
Title: Associate Registrar
Degrees: BA , Haigazian University - MBA , AUB -
Type: Staff
Start Year: 2009
Email Address:
Name: Vany
LastName: Parseghian
Title: Admissions Officer
Degrees: Bachelor of Arts (Advertising and Marketing) - Notre Dame University-Louaize - -
Type: Staff
Start Year: 2015
Email Address:
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