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Admissions | Undergraduate

The goal of Haigazian University is to provide maximum opportunities for educational, professional, and personal growth; therefore, the student's goals and objectives are considered first in evaluating applicants for admission. Consideration will be given to previous formal educational experience as well as to the student's potential to succeed in a challenging academic program.

Haigazian University seeks students who are creative, motivated, self-disciplined, and committed to learning. In keeping with the above philosophy, the admission decision is based on the chosen academic course of study, a good academic record, character recommendation, and entrance examination results.

Following an evaluation of the application, students may be granted admission to the University in one of the following two categories: Regular Admission or Probationary Admission.

Students who are accepted for admission must enroll in courses within two semesters of their acceptance date. Students must abide by the requirements of the semester in which they register; as they appear in the current university catalog.

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