Ways To Give
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Ways to Give

Haigazian University welcomes donations that could be made in a number of ways.
These include:



  1. Checks

  2. USA:

    Send your checks in the name of Haigazian University Support Fund Inc.. to:

    Mr. Louis Kurkjian
    Haigazian Universtiy Support Fund Inc..
    1101 N. Pacific Ave. Suite 301​
    Glendale, CA​ 91202
    1-818-937-9840 (PH)
    1-818-937-9843 (FAX)

    Or in the name of the AMAA, designated for “Haigazian University” to the:

    31 West Century Road
    Paramus, NJ 07652


    In the name of Haigazian University to:

    The President’s Office
    Haigazian University
    P.O.B. 11-1748
    Riad El Solh, 1107 2090
    Beirut, Lebanon



  3. Stocks


    Procedure for Gifts of Negotiable Securities

    Haigazian University is able to accept stock in publicly traded companies as a donation. The policy of the University Trustees is to immediately sell donated shares and not hold them for investment. There can be a significant benefit to donors to give appreciated stock to the University; in general, the value of the stock when donated, becomes a charitable deduction for Federal and State taxes and no capital gains taxes are due on this transfer. However, the specific of each individual’s tax situation needs to be confirmed with their tax advisor prior to making the donation.

    Donated shares can be accepted in certificate form or by electronic transfer from a securities firm. The following instructions apply in these cases:

    Certificate Shares:


    Certificates need to show a transfer of the donated number of shares to the Haigazian University, Inc. The signature of the owner, exactly as written on the certificate, needs to be properly guaranteed by a bank or securities firm. Properly executed certificates need to be sent to our broker at the following address:

    Financial Network Investment Corporation
    Attn: Mr. Harold Nahigian
    3807 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1040
    Los Angeles, CA 90010-3145

    Electronic Transfer:

    Your securities firm should be instructed to transfer the donated shares to:
    • Pershing L.L.C., New Jersey
    • DTC #0443
    • For further credit to account number 4N2-520613 in the name of the Haigazian University, Inc.

    As this donation is being made, you must inform:
    • Mr. Louis Kurkjian (P.O. Box 5289, Fullerton, CA 92838-0289
    • LHKurkjian@aol.com or
    • Mr. Herair Mouradian (Herairmouradian@msn.com)

    In either case, the University will provide a letter to the donor identifying the stock, the number of shares, and the date the stock was received by the University, either by certificate or in the case of electronic transfer, by receipt at the University’s security firm. In general, the deduction that may be taken is the average of the high and low price, indicated in the Wall Street Journal, of the donated stock on the day of the transfer multiplied by the number of shared donated. Again, you should check with your tax advisor as to the amount of your charitable deduction, if any.

      Please note that both Haigazian University and the AMAA, its sponsoring US organization, are exempt from US Federal Income Tax under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code as non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.                                                   



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