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Anita Papas on The Positive You!


Haigazian University Auditorium, Kantari – Beirut

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5/7/2009 7:00 PM

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5/7/2009 9:00 PM


Haigazian University
Office of Public Relations
Anita Papas
The Positive You!
Bring out the best in you and the best out of life
Thursday, May 7, 2009 − 7 P.M.
Haigazian University Auditorium, Kantari – Beirut
Book signing and reception will follow

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Anita Papas, born Anita Der Torossian is Lebanese of Armenian descent. Despite living the better part of her childhood through the Lebanese civil war, she recalls her early days as being happy,full of love and affection. Her curiosity, hunger for knowledge and passion for understanding the human mind was a natural stepping stone to the field of psychology. Having obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Haigazian University in 2005, today, Anita holds her private practice in Beirut. She is married with two children. The Positive You is her first book.

About the Book

The Positive You! is about you, your relationship with yourself, individuality, attitude, strengths, as well as your fears and worries and even disappointments. It reveals how fragile you are as a human being and yet how powerful you can be on the inside. With its simple approach, rich quotations, real life cases and humor, it makes you realize that all is in your mind!That it is your attitude which dictates whether you see the good or the bad in yourlife and that you are in control and no one else!




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