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Nutrition trends 2017: Nutrition trends SHOULD NOT be so “trendy”!


Haigazian University

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12/1/2017 9:30 AM

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12/1/2017 11:30 AM


Inter-Universities Poster competition at HAIGAZIAN University. The program coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetics Sciences at the University of Haigazian, Dr. Sima Hamadeh, and Miss Stephanie Andraos, Ph.D. student at The University of Auckland, are organizing a poster competition entitled: Nutrition trends 2017: Nutrition trends SHOULD NOT be so “trendy”!
How many times have you been asked about the ‘5 second weight loss program’, the ‘magical fruit that makes you fly’ or even the ‘detox tea that’s gone viral on Instagram’?!
Marketing campaigns hugely influence the public even when there is LITTLE to NO EVIDENCE of the benefits of the promoted product. As nutritionists and health care professionals, YOU have the chance to STOP this chaos and allow people to better understand the evidence supporting these claims.

This competition is open to all nutrition and marketing students (BSc, MSc, PhD). Teams will need to consist of 2-3 candidates including at least 1 nutrition student.
-Send your suggested topic and title to the following emails: sima.hamadeh@haigazian.edu.lb  and  s.andraos@auckland.ac.nz
-Write a topic summary consisting of 500 words of the latest findings (with at least 5 scientific references) supporting the point you are making in the IMPACT poster. 
-Design an IMPACT poster on PowerPoint in A1 format either portrait or landscape including:
oPoster theme and specific title
oThe University Logo
oName of students
-Present your poster in no more than 5 minutes: summarizing your topic and the concept behind the poster. During the poster presentation, each team should be standing next to their poster to answer questions.  This event will allow young scientists to learn about the research topics of their peers from other institutions. 
NOTE: All students are required to send their topic summary and electronic poster well in advance to sima.hamadeh@haigazian.edu.lb and to s.andraos@auckland.ac.nz as the submission deadline will be on November 12, 2017. A preliminary presentation schedule for shortlisted teams will be sent 1 week prior to the final event.
-Briefly summarize the latest findings on a certain topic
-Critically evaluate and discuss the scientific information
-Understand and explain the pros and cons of nutrition trends
-Share scientific facts in a creative manner to prevent people from getting fooled by marketing campaigns
-Foster team work:  Whether you decide to become a researcher or a clinician, team-work will be an indispensable skill for your career
-Challenge your creative brain: A major misconception is that scientists are not supposed to be creative. NEWSFLASH: you will need creativity all throughout your scientific career!
The poster will be evaluated by a jury committee including faculty members from different universities, ministries representatives and Picasso representative.
-1st: A Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) campaign of one week on Pikasso Beirut Digital Network.
-2nd: Free registration for “Nutrition in the Media” workshops at the Centre for  Continuing Education (CCE program) at Haigazian University + Certificate of completion
-3rd : Free registration for “Food, exercise and Fitness” workshops at the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE program) at Haigazian University + Certificate of completion

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