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Open week for High School Students
National News Agency, Al-Anbaa, Akhbari News, Groong, Al-Nahar, Al Liwaa, Al-Anwar,     

Bullying in the Workplace  
National News AgencyCedar News, Akhbari NewsAl-Nahar

Women of 1915
Al Liwaa, Al Joumhouria, The daily Star, Yerepouni, Yerakouyn, Groong, Al-Nahar, National New Agency, Haigazian University Website

Center of Continuing Education Harvest 2017
Al-Nahar, Al-Balad, National News Agency

Orientation Program at Haigazian University
Al-Anwar, Al-Nahar

Business Symposium
Al Liwaa​,Al-Nahar, El-Shark

Protestant Inspiration for Today’s Leaders
Lebanon Files, L'Orient Le Jour, Al-Balad, Al-Nahar, Cedar News, Groong, National News Agency

Founders' Day
Al Liwaa, Al-Anwar, Al Joumhouria, Al-Nahar,Aztag, Hayern Aysor, Groong,National News Agency

Center of Continuing Education Harvest 2016
National News Agency, Cedar NewsAl-Anwar, Al-Balad, Al Liwaa

Orientation Program at Haigazian University
Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Al Liwaa

Oil and Gas Conference: “How to ensure the highest Return on Investment through Good Governance”
Al-Nahar, National News Agency, Al-Balad, Albinaa, Al Joumhouria, L'Orient Le Jour, As-Safir, El-Shark, Wikalat Akhbar El YomAl InticharAl MulhakAl Kalima OnlineLebanon DailyArab Economic NewsLebanon News FeedShafaqna,  As-Safir,YOUTUBE: LBCI trailer, LBCI Full coverage

Computer Programming Competition
Al Liwaa, Al-Balad, Al-Nahar

The 60th Anniversary celebration in Dubai
Al Mustaqbal, Al-Anwar

International Women's Day
Aztag, National News Agency, Armenian Weekly, Al AnbaaAl-Nahar, Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Al Liwaa, Al-mustaqbal, L'Orient Le Jour  

Haigazian University hosts the British Lebanese Business Group (BLBG)
Al-Nahar, Groong, National News AgencyLebanon files, Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Ad-Diyar, Al Joumhouria, Al Liwaa, Al-mustaqbal, Al Anbaa,Yerepouni News

Placido Domingo Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Haigazian University
Al-Mustaqbal, Al Anbaa, Lebanon files,National News Agency, Al-Balad, Al Liwaa, Al-Anwar

Haigazian University Celebrates Founders’ Day 
Al Anbaa, Lebanon files, Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Al Liwaa, Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Nahar,  Aztag , National News Agency, The General Manager

The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Haigazian University Celebrates the Harvest of the year 2015
Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Al Liwaa, Al-NaharAl-MustaqbalLebanon filesAd-DiyarAl AnbaaNational News Agency 

Haigazian University 60th Anniversary Graduation Ceremony
Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Ad-Diyar,Al Liwaa,Al-Mustaqbal,Al-Nahar , Aztag, Lebanon files, El-Nashra

USP Scholars at the Doors of Graduation
Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Al Liwaa

HU 60th Anniversary Gala Banquet

Al-Anwar, Al Liwaa, Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Balad, National News Agency, Lebanon files,The California Courier, Al Liwaa

Haigazian University 60th Anniversary: “East to Western, Modern to Postmodern” Art Exhibition by “Bardzr Arvest” Fine Art Center - Yerevan
Aztag, Assbarez,Groong, Massis, Lebanon files, Al-Nahar, Al Liwaa, Al-Balad, Al Mughtareb, Al Intichar,
National News Agency, L'Orient Le Jour, The Daily Star 

Conference on “Armenian Genocide Centennial: Addressing the Implications”
Lebanon files, National News AgencyAztagGibrahayer, The Daily Star, Al-Balad, Al-Anwar, Al Liwaa, Al-MustaqbalAl-NaharAd-Diyar, Zartonk1Zartonk2,Zartonk3

Haigazian University Celebrates Christmas
Al-Balad, L'Orient Le Jour, Lebanon files

Food safety lecture 
Al LiwaaLebanon files

Haigazian Gala Banquet in Los Angeles

Founders' Day: Opening Ceremony of the 60th Anniversary:
National News Agency, Al-Nahar,Al-NaharAs-Safir, Al Liwaa, Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Anwar, Al-Balad, Yerepouni, Yerepouni, National News Agency, Groong, The Daily Star, Lebanon files, Aztag , The Gate ,  Al Mughtareb

Interview with President Haidostian

EU conference on Gender based Violence
Al-NaharAl-Anwar, As-Safir, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa, Al-Balad

Actors’ play
Al Liwaa, Al-Balad

Second Chance" announced as winner of the Social Entrepreneurship Competition
Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Anwar,Al-Nahar, National News Agency (Arabic), National News Agency (English),
As-Safir, Al-Balad

Public Speaking Competition

Dr. Zaven Messerlian’s book release: Armenian Participation in the Lebanese Legislative Elections 1934-2009
Al-Nahar, Al MustaqbalNational News Agency, Al-Balad

Collective Exhibition on the Occasion of International Women's Day
Al Liwaa, Al Anwar, Al Mustaqbal, National News Agency, Aztag

Volunteer in Action (VIA)
Al-Balad, Al-Joumhouria, Al-Nahar, National News AgencyAl Mustaqbal, Al-Moghtareb,

“UniGoAll” a new website conceived by 9 Haigazian University Students 
 L’Orient-Le Jour, Al-Moghtareb 
U.S.  Celebrates Merit-Based Scholarship students at Haigazian University
Al-Nahar,Al-Anwar, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa, The Daily Star, National News Agency, Al-Balad

Haigazian University Receives the Social Economic Award (SEA)  (Nov. 23, 2013)
Al-Nahar, Al-Liwaa, Al-mustaqbal, L'orient-Le Jour, National News Agency, Al-mustaqbal, National News Agency, Lebanon files, Al-Anwar

Founders' Day (October 14, 2013)
Al-Anwar,  An-Nahar, Al Mustaqbal,Al-Liwaa, Al-Balad, National News Agency, Keghart, Groong

Founders' Day
 Al Liwaa, Al Mustaqbal, Al-Anwar

Merit-Based Scholarship Students with U.S. Ambassador Maura Connelly
Al-Anwar, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa, An-Nahar

Armenian Diaspora Research Center Opening
Al LiwaaAl-Anwar, Al Mustaqbal, An-Nahar

Rights Behind Gates at Haigazian University 
As-Safir, Al Mustaqbal, An-Nahar, Aljoumhouria, Al-Anwar

Al Liwaa

Founders' Day
Al Liwaa, Al Mustaqbal, Al-Anwar

US  Scholarship recipients start Haigazian Orientation
Al Akhbar, The Daily Star, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa

Towards Golgotha
Al-Anwar, Al Mustaqbal, An-Nahar

Orientation Program 2011 
Al-Anwar, Al Liwaa, Al Mustaqbal

Orientation for U.S.-Funded Scholarship Program at Haigazian University 
Al Akhbar, The Daily Star, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa

Forum on Negotiation (1)
Al Mustaqbal, Al Bayrak

Forum on Negotiation (2)
As-Safir, Al-Anwar

Exposition of Chucrallah Fattouh at Haigazian University 
Al-Balad, Mojtamaa, Ad-Diyar, Culture, Al-Chark, As-Safir, Al Liwaa, Aljoumhouria, La Revue Du Liban, Al-Anwar

Seminar on: Role of the Principals in the Digital Age (1)

Seminar on: Role of the Principals in the Digital Age (2)
Al Liwaa, Al Mustaqbal

Seminar on: Children at Risk in Lebanon (1)
Al-Anwar, Al-Akhbar, Al Mustaqbal

Seminar on: Children at Risk in Lebanon (2) 

Haigazian Rocket Society: Lebanese Scientific Pride at Haigazian University
Al-Anwar, Al Bayrak, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa, As-Safir, An-Nahar, The Daily Star

Real Estate Sector in Lebanon - Challenges and Opportunities
La Revue du Liban

Real Estate Sector in Lebanon - Challenges and Opportunities
As-Safir, Ad-Diyar, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa, Al-Anwar, Sada Al-Balad, Al Bayrak,  L'Orient-Le Jour

Information, Communication and Network Security in Lebanon
An-Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, Al Liwaa, As-Safir, Ad-diyar, Al-Anwar

Celebrating Christmas at Haigazian

Al-Anwar, Al Mustaqbal

Business Lecture: Vision of Achievements

Ad-Diyar, An-Nahar

Students Loans By Byblos Bank
As-Safir, An-Nahar, Al-Anwar

Founders' Day and Outdoors
Al-Anwar, An-Nahar, Al Bayrak

Haigazian a Smoking Free Campus
An-Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, Ad-Diyar, Al Liwaa, Al-Anwar, Al Akhbar, L'Orient-Le Jour, Al Bayrak, As-Safir

Commencement 2010
Al Mustaqbal, Ad-Diyar, An-Nahar, Al Liwaa, As-Safir, Al-Anwar, Al Bayrak, Daily Star-Herald Tribune

USAID Grant to Haigazian University
An-Nahar, Ad-Diyar, Al-Liwaa, As-Safir, Al-Anwar, Al Akhbar, Al Bayrak

Business Conference on Human Resources Management
An-Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, Ad-Diyar, Al Liwaa, Daily Star-Herald Tribune, Al-Anwar, Al Bayrak, Al-Balad

Heritage Building Inauguration
An-Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, Al-Liwaa, Al-Anwar, Ad-Diyar, Al Bayrak

Environmental Club
An-Nahar, Al-Liwaa, As-Safir, Al-Anwar, Ad-Diyar, Al Bayrak

Harry Koundakjian's Press photos exhibition
An-Nahar, Ad-Diyar, Al-Liwaa, Al-Anwar

 Sports Club in Barcelona
 Al Mustaqbal, Sada Al-Balad, As-Safir

Environmental Club cleaning Hamra street
Al Mustaqbal, Al-Anwar, Daily Star-Herald Tribune


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