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Workshop at Safir Heliopolitan Hotel

Workshop, November 4/5, Safir Heliopolitan Hotel.

The meeting point was the Safir Heliopolitan Hotel, Raouche. 50 student activists from the diverse clubs, societies and sports teams of Haigazian University participated in this today workshop. Mostly they were chairpersons, representatives and secretaries, along with the sports representatives.
The commitment was clear and so were the objectives of the workshop. Alongside other focus group discussions two important sessions were held that was addressed to the whole: teambuilding and communication. These were intended to help the participants acquire certain skills that would enable them a better activity performance in their university co curricular activities and make them work in the Haigazian University Student Life parameter in a more efficient and productive manner. The sessions were given by two experts that introduced new ways of seeing issues.
The students also got time to brainstorm and put a plan for the coming year.
The night was a white one. No sleep although tired it was fun to stay up and discuss some crucial issues and have some fun.
We guess pictures say more than words.
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