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Haigazian University Inaugurates a Fully Equipped Computer Exam Room

On Wednesday the 10th of January 2007, H.E. Leila Solh Hamade, Vice President of the Al Waleed Bin Talal Humanitarian Foundation, accompanied by a delegation, paid a visit to Haigazian University to inaugurate the fully equipped Computer Exam Room, installed by a special grant from the Foundation, announced during a Gala lunch organized by the Haigazian University Women's Auxiliary in May 2006.
After unveiling the recognition plaque, President Paul Haidostian thanked the Foundation's generosity and support.
"Philanthropic and humanitarian foundations are natural partners of educational institutions and universities in particular", said Haidostian. He also reiterated his appreciation for the constructive role the Bin Talal Foundation has been playing in the life of the various communities of Lebanon at a time when good news is rarely found.
In the Computer Exam Room, Mr. Nazareth Nicolian, the IT Director at Haigazian University, gave a short presentation about the use and benefits of the equipped classroom.
After enjoying a short tour of the campus, Mrs. Solh and the delegation had the chance to get closer to the Haigazian community by listening to their prospective plans and future needs, at a reception in the Mugar Building.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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