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USAID Provides $400,000 in Support of Lebanese Educational Institutions
USAID Provides $400,000 in Support of Lebanese Educational Institutions

U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman and United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Lebanon Mission Director Raouf Youssef presented three grants totaling $400,000 to Lebanese educational institutions on Thursday, January 18, 2007 at the International College in Beirut. As part of the visit, Ambassador Feltman had a small discussion with students from both International College and Haigazian University focusing on the community service that students from both institutions are actively engaged in.

The International College received $300,000 this year, to provide scholarship assistance to more than one hundred Lebanese students to enable them to attend IC, and receive an American style education. Eighteen meritorious students from IC will receive a full scholarship that covers all of their tuition fees, while the rest of the students will receive partial scholarship that will help alleviate the burden on their parents? expenses. This donation is part of an annual level of funding that IC receives, along with other three American educational institutions in Lebanon, namely the American University of Beirut, the Lebanese American University and the American Community School.

Haigazian University received $50,000 to purchase new software systems to enhance the University''s information and financial systems. Established in Beirut since 1955, Haigazian University is a liberal arts institution of higher learning that accommodates 650 students per year, offering the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees. USAID''s assistance to Haigazian University will help improve the knowledge, business processes and overall communications at the University, therefore enabling the University to provide better services to its students and to the Lebanese society at large.

The Rural Development Association Mosan Center received $50,000 to furnish the orphanage''s dormitories, to accommodate for an increasing number of children with mental disabilities who have been orphaned. Established in Tyre, South Lebanon since 1993, Rural Development Association Mosan Center cares for children with mental disabilities who are unable to continue their schooling in regular educational institutions. The center accommodates free of charge 108 children with mental disabilities aged 3-16.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has worked in Lebanon since 1951, funding development projects to benefit Lebanese citizens. USAID''s program promotes economic opportunities, job creation, good governance and environmental policies and practices in rural Lebanon. USAID provides $40 million assistance a year and works in partnership with U.S. and Lebanese organizations throughout the country. USAID strengthens the relationship between the people of Lebanon and the people of the United States, and promotes a shared vision of democracy and socio-economic development.

Source: US Embassy/ Public Affairs Office/ Press Section
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