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5th Annual Inter-University Chess Tournament

Under the auspices of the Sports Federation of Lebanese Universities, the Athletics Department of Haigazian University organized its 5th Annual inter-university chess tournament on Sunday, March 4th, in the Auditorium. A record number of 47 students from different universities participated in this tournament.

The tournament was refereed by the Lebanese international referee Mr. Charles Keily.
The six round tournament, based on the Swiss system lasted for seven hours, with a one hour lunch break at 1:00.

The results were as follows:
1st place: Houssam El Jouzou (AUB) 5.0/6
2nd place: Jamal Shamiyeh (Military School) 5.0/6
3rd place: Bilal El Habash (BAU) 5.0/6
3rd place: Mohamad El Khalidiyi (AUB) 5.0/6

The prizes were offered by the HU President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, 1st Judge Nasri Lahoud (President of FSUL) and Antranik Dakessian in the presence of all the participants and their chess coaches.
HU Sports Coordinator, Sahag Bidinian, thanked the FSUL, and the participants. He expressed hope that such tournaments enable students to interact in a constructive and productive.

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