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A Manual for Working with Groups

A Manual for Working with Groups

"A Manual for Working with Groups", is a Haigazian University publication, by author Frieda Haddad Abs, a lecturer at the University and Coordinator of the Social Work Program at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The manual is conceived as a tool for human relations training in organizations. It is based on the workshop way of learning and consists of twelve modules or units that could be used either independently or as a sequence in manpower refresher courses.

Each unit has a section on the theory, highlighting a specific aspect of working with groups. Then comes a section of practical skills exercises or games, intended as tools to be used in training laboratory situations in the form of acting-out exemplars of tasks and processes in human interaction.

Moreover, each unit includes at least one case record that rejoins the theory and focuses training on a back-home situation. All such records reflect field experiences reported by students engaged in real life tasks with groups.

The material that constitutes the main body of this book was developed over a number of years that mark the author's own professional course. It is recommended for use in planning manpower development training and refresher courses in youth groups, community groups, human service organizations, as well as small business enterprises.

The manual can be ordered from Haigazian University by calling the following numbers:
01-349230/1 and 01-353010/1/2
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