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HU Recognizes its Women's Auxiliary
Haigazian University Recognizes its Women's Auxiliary - Beirut

Beirut, 30/03/2007- Friday, a usual working day at Haigazian University, was happily interrupted to recognize and appreciate the devotion and selfless efforts of 12 distinguished ladies.
The rooftop of Hotel Le Bristol, one of Beirut's most prestigious hotels was the venue, where President Haidostian invited the ladies of the Haigazian University Women's Auxiliary and their spouses, in addition to some Board members and representatives of the University to mark this special event.
Long years ago, the Haigazian Women's Auxiliary was established as a voluntary organization of women, dedicated to encouraging interest in Haigazian University, rendering financial support to it, and promoting its mission in society, as it was noted by Mrs. Mira Yardemian, the Public Relations Director, in her opening speech.
Yardemian also read a letter by Joyce Stein, representing the Women's Auxiliary Los Angeles, who thanked the ladies in Beirut for their faithful endeavors on behalf of the University. "Your devotion and extraordinary competence, has had enormous impact on the University and indeed you also play an important role in advancing Haigazian's fine reputation", said Stein in her letter.
After the opening prayer, offered by Campus Minister, Rev. Nishan Bakalian, the audience enjoyed a lavish lunch and listened to the speech of Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, President of the University.
"Haigazian's close ties with society, and its deep concern for the youth of Lebanon and their future describe a mission that goes much deeper than the minimum requirements for running and keeping a university... In my four and half years at Haigazian, I have come to appreciate with much respect, the honoring of the women and mothers of Lebanon every May, which has probably given the Haigazian Women's Auxiliary and the university in general a very high mark in society", acknowledged Haidostian.
Haidostian also declared that the time has come for refreshing the working system, in order to prepare with confidence for future activities. "It is clear to me that we should work in smaller groups and sub-committees to accomplish the maximum", Haidostian noted.
Afterwards, the President and Rev. Robert Sarkissian, Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, honored the members with special trophies of appreciation.
Finally, Mrs. Teny Hasserjian, Chair of the Beirut Women's Auxiliary, acknowledged the efforts of the ladies and their long years of service, and thanked the President by presenting him a trophy showing the fabulous Mugar building.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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