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Harout Sassounian Addresses Haigazian University Students
Harout Sassounian Addresses Haigazian University Students

Beirut, 05/04/2007- During his short trip to Lebanon, Mr. Harout Sassounian, President of the United Armenian Fund, Publisher of the California Courier, and Vice-Chair of the Lincy Foundation, had a special encounter with the Haigazian University Armenian students, who eagerly listened to the latest achievements related to the Armenian Cause.
Sassounian explained how Armenians should go beyond the question of the genocide recognition, and dwell on the issue of the Armenian Cause and demands in their entirety.
He motivated students to be more active and involved regarding the Armenian Cause and international issues, sharing with them his personal efforts and their positive outcomes.
After a dynamic question and answer period, Student Life Director, Antranik Dakessian thanked Mr. Sassounian for offering his precious time and rich experience with the Haigazian youth.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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