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After several months of detailed planning, calling sponsors, several bake sales for fundraising, campaigning for volunteers, visiting the sites, making distance calls with the responsible people of the various sites, and a long discussion within the group, the Desert Streams Club under the supervision of Student Life Assistant Director, Mr. Alan Kairouzs, decided to extend its help to the Marjayoun area. They decided to distribute food packages to some 100 elderly and needy individuals of the area and renovate the Nour infirmary, which offered health services indiscriminately to the area population.
The drive for help was great among the students. Their excitement took them to the Spinneys outlets in Ashrafie and Jenah where they collected food on weekends. The Marjayoun fever inspired a large number of students at Haigazian. The number of the volunteers was much more than the project needed.
On Thursday, April 5, the last touches were given. Everything was set. The volunteers slept on campus and early next morning @ 4:00 with a truckload of food packages, building and painting materials they took the road to Marjayoun and arrived there at 7:00.
The some twenty-five volunteers were divided into different groups. A group was assigned to work on the roof, another group started working on the inner walls of the infirmary, a third group started digging a ditch of 18m long, while another group went to distribute food packages to the needy according to a list prepared by the local mukhtars and the Muslim and Christian clerics. Over 150 books collected on HU campus by the Heritage Club were handed to the library of the school as a part of a project to found a public library.
At night, exhaustion prevailed over the cold and the girls managed to sleep at Dunya Krayems home, while the boys were offered the living room and the kitchen of the director of the Infirmary to sleep.
After two days of hard and challenging work, the HU volunteers did a great job in cleaning, painting, and renovating the infirmary and eventually planted trees at the initiative of the Environmental Club in the garden of the infirmary. They had fun and sent a clear message to everyone that together we can build our home Lebanon.

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