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Haigazian University Students Commemorate the Armenian Genocide

Haigazian University Students Commemorate the Armenian Genocide

On Sunday, April 22, a group of Haigazian University students took the road to the Bikfaya monument of the Armenian Genocide. After placing a wreath in memory of the first genocide of the 20th Century and paying respect to their forefathers, the students sat in the shade and each told about the exodus of their family during the genocide years. They had come from Van, Musa Ler, Hadjin, Marash, Tomarza, Deort Yol, Adana, Ayntab, Biledjig, Iskenderoun. Most of the students have lost close relatives of their forefathers. The students were the fourth generation of the survivors. Before leaving Bikfaya, the students sang a patriotic song and pledged to remain faithful to the Armenian Cause.
On Monday, April 23, a group of HU students met with Hrant Guzelian, a native of Istanbul. Mr. Guzelian told them about his experience in Turkey. The students were surprised to know that until the early 1950s, the young generation of Armenians in Istanbul were not aware of the Armenian Genocide and thought that they were the only Armenians existing in the world, and that the elder generation was scared to tell the horrible stories of the Genocide to their children less the latter could speak out in public and endanger their lives. Mr. Guzelian shared with the students his experience in the Turkish army, his encounter with some Armenians in the Eastern vilayets back in the early 1950s, how he had decided to save Armenian orphans from the region, how the Badanegan Doon was founded in Istanbul, and eventually how he was persecuted, beaten up, imprisoned, and shot before leaving Turkey. Mr. Guzelian answered the questions of the students about how he had saved Hrant Dink when the latter and his two brothers were deprived of school and education.
On Tuesday, April 24, with the initiative of Haigazian University’s Youth Shadow Government’s Minister of Social Affairs Antranig Kechedjian, after attending the mess in the Catholicossate of Cilicia in Antelias, the Youth Shadow Government placed wreath at the Genocide monument. Furthermore, they unanimously adopted a resolution which stated: On the occasion of the 92nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Youth Shadow Government, presents its condolences to the Armenian community in Lebanon and the world, strongly condemns such massive violent acts and calls on the international community to take steps to see justice done so as to deter such future acts of mass murder.
On Wednesday, April 25, the Heritage Club commemorated the 92nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in a one-hour event during which Campus Minister, Rev. Nishan Bakalian delivered the message of the day, a twenty minute long DVD on the Armenian Genocide was featured, students Celine Gharibian, Talar Yacoubian, Shushan Artinian (violin, piano, and cello) played Gomidas’ Yerginken Ambela and Alaylooghes, Tamar Nalbandian recited Siamanto’s poem, Kheghtamahe (the strangled), and Krikor Ekmekjian read the pledge of the Haigazian University Armenian students on the occasion. At the end, the students lit candles next to the miniature statue of Dzidzernagapert, which decorated the stage.
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