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Professor Gerard Chaliand meets Haigazian University Students
Professor Gerard Chaliand meets Haigazian University Students

Renowned political scientist, Dr. Gerard Chaliand of France met with Haigazian University students on campus and had a discussion concerning current political affairs.
Dr. Chaliand author of some 40 books has written extensively on terrorism, guerilla warfare, and liberation wars, the Kurds, Third World wars, the Armenians, the Karabagh conflict. He is the founder of the Minority Rights Group (France) and was its Director between 1978 and 1987. Between 1997 and 2000 he was the Director of the European Center for the Studies of Conflicts, Paris. He has been a visiting professor in several universities including the University of Montreal, University of Sussex, Harvard University, UCLA and Berkeley.
After touring the Haigazian University campus and meeting the President of the University Rev.-Dr. Paul Haidostian, Professor Chaliand had an informal meeting with a group of Haigazian students.
In some 25 minutes, Dr. Chaliand narrated the political developments that took place after September 9, 2001 particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq. He stressed the Iraqi case due to its regional impact. The students listened in absolute silence. Eventually they asked questions about whether there would be an independent Kurdistan, the Iran-USA tension, whether a Palestinian state would be proclaimed and how he sees the world order in light of current economic and demographic developments in India and China. Dr. Chaliand differentiated between the diverse modes of fighting and war, like guerilla warfare, defensive war, resistance movements, terrorist acts, etc. He also touched on the latest round of fighting between Hizbullah and Israel.
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