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Symposium on Quality Assurance
Symposium on Quality Assurance

On June 1, 2007, the faculty of Business Administration & Economics at Haigazian University organized a symposium on Quality Assurance, covering quality issues in different economic sectors, including Higher Education, Information Technology, Audit, Hospitalization and Hospitality.

The opening session started with Dean Fadi Asrawi''s address, who considered that "over the last couple of years, the quality assurance process ignited hundreds of conversations, discussions and debates?in institutions, in university associations, in student organizations, in ministerial cabinets and among most business firms. All were trying to improve and to be seen as improving."
"It is management''s job to remove barriers to allow each person to do the job and to work together to achieve the aim or vision of the total system. The emphasis should be on doing, not the outcome", noted Asrawi.

The keynote speaker, Professor Ramzi Salame, Senior Specialist for Higher Education at the UNESCO, tackled the issue of quality assurance in higher education institutions and programs in Lebanon. Salame assessed the current status of quality in education, and provided prospects for future development. According to Salame, Lebanon enjoys a diversity of higher education systems, with diverse inspirations of higher education institutions and programs: American, French, Arab, the Lebanese university and other mixed programs, all these resulting in a lack of unified national higher education qualifications framework.
"Quality could be assured in higher education by embodying in the mentality of all higher education stakeholders, the culture of quality, the culture of evidence-based decision making, the culture of transparency and information sharing, the culture of accountability, the culture of productivity and results-based leadership and management and the culture of commitment", Salame concluded.

During this "quality" day at Haigazian University, a number of distinguished speakers took part in the symposium. Dr. Amine Haddad from ?Gartner?, talked about the Best Business Practices in Audit, Mr. Joseph El Fadl, Managing Partner at Deloitte & Touche, covered Quality Assurance in Accounting, Dr. Karim Nasr, Dean of the Faculty of Business at the University of Balamand, discussed Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Dr. Patrick Tabchoury, Manager of St. Georges Hospital Ajaltoun, talked about Quality Assurance in Hospital Care, and Mr. Joseph Moudaber, General Manager of the Century Park Hotel covered the topic of Quality Assurance in Hospitality.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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