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Student Life Honors Distinguished Students
br>On June 25, 2007, in the presence of their parents, the Haigazian University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian awarded 14 graduating students with souvenirs, in recognition and appreciation of their continuous uncompromising endeavor to the university culture.
In his opening words, Student Life Director, Antranik Dakessian noted that the Haigazian University Chapter of the life story of these graduates is very rich, due to the input these students had throughout their stay at the University. Dakessian expressed the strong belief, that these students will have similar impressive achievements in life and input in the community at large.
The 14 students were introduced by the Student Life Office staff, Mr. Alan Kairouz,
Ms Peggy Bedoyan, and Mr. Sahag Bidinian. They briefly presented the audience with certain features of these students, as well as, the input these students had during their university years.
In turn, students thanked the university, the administration and their parents for the enriching experience they had at Haigazian. They acknowledged the significant impact the family, yet multicultural atmosphere of Haigazian had on them.
After a power point presentation highlighting episodes of these students at Haigazian, President Haidostian thanked the parents for trusting their children to Haigazian, and stressed the fact that the university succeeded in its mission of rounded education due to the upbringing of these students. Haidostian noted that university education is not only academics, but the social and the interactive aspects of university life are very important as well for a balanced growth.
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