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The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Haigazian University Marks its 20th Anniversary

The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Haigazian University Marks its 20th Anniversary

On Friday the 21st of June 2013, a number of graduates received their diplomas for ‘School Coordinators and Division Heads’, at a ceremony which marked the 20th Anniversary of the Center for Continuing Education at Haigazian University. The Center includes the Adult Education Program, which offers mainly business training, and the In-service Teacher Training Program, which provides courses and workshops for teachers.
The program opened with the National Anthem, followed by the invocation offered by the Campus Minister, Rev. Bruce Scoup.
In his address, guest speaker, General Director of the Ministry of Education, Fadi Yarak considered continuing education as a major global education challenge, describing it as “continuous, collaborative, self-directed, active, broad in domain, everlasting, positive and fulfilling, and applicable to one’s profession as well as to all aspects of one’s life.”
He further highlighted two points that should be raised reflecting the change from traditional education, which are “First, involving the learner in self-reflection and setting the educational goals, and second, integrating, in the self-assessment, a review performance in real-life settings including those at the workplace.”
Graduate Dany Al Soueidy, Head of the Secondary Division at Sagesse High School, pronounced the valedictorian address, emphasizing on the importance of Education as a Lifelong learning process. He found it a must for every teacher to be continually improved, trained and in hold of new practices and approaches.
In his remarks, University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian stressed on the priority and ongoing success of teacher training. “Teacher training here is not part of our institutional history; it is part of the institutional mission and future plans as well,” Haidostian said.
He underlined the significance of the CCE, noting that “as people grow older, areas of technology and new knowledge keep developing and they have been developing more rapidly than ever before.”
In conclusion, President Haidostian saluted the Director of the Program, Mrs. Ailsa McLardy, as she completes her years of service, and gave tribute to her for a number of characteristics that have enriched the University. Haidostian confidently called her “Conscientious, reliable, judicious, and meticulous” person, acknowledging her dedication and excellence over the years. He then presented her with Mr. Yarak a plaque of appreciation.
In her word of thanks, Mrs. McLardy expressed her deep gratitude towards the University, acknowledging the unwavering efforts and dedication of her team, throughout all those years.
The program was musically animated by Sora Chehaitli, and capped off with cutting of the celebratory cake.
Mira Yardemian
PR Director


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