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​Greg Soukiassian signs his book “Crise Majeure” at Haigazian University

Greg Soukiassian signs his book “Crise Majeure” at Haigazian University 

On Friday, November 1, 2013, the Cultural Hour at Haigazian University organized its first event of the academic year, hosting Mr. Grégoire Soukassian, the co-author of the book “Crise Majeure”.
Soukiassian, who comes from a strong technical and business background, gave a remarkable lecture on business environments and their frequent exposure to disasters, from people and assets standpoints.
With his expertise and certified profession in disaster recovery and business continuity, Soukiassian discussed overcoming these disasters by security, risk control, and crisis management. The cases for such disasters could diverge, he explained, varying from natural disasters; such as fire, flood, tsunamis, and so on, to industrial disasters, such as telecommunication failure, data processing malfunctions, cyber criminality, and any other technical debacle.

 All these disasters threaten to hinder the activities of an organization, he further elaborated,  regardless of the nature of the organization, whether it is private or public, and despite insurance contracts or other traditional preventive measures in place.

Soukiassian believes it is possible to mitigate these risks of possible disasters by setting business continuity plans; setting their different components and deciding how they are put in place. The discussion was directed to shift these concepts from theory to practice, in order to trounce any faced disaster by an organization in an efficient manner.
This instructive lecture was followed by a book signing ceremony of “Crise Majeure” and an interactive Q & A session, which helped the audience gain more insight to his expertise in crisis management.


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