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Haigazian University Participates in the First Symposium on the Teaching of Writing
On Saturday, November 9th, 2013, three full-time faculty members from the English Department, Dr. Suha Saffiydeen, Chair, Mrs. Sahar Hamzeh and Ms. Suha Naimy, along with three part-time instructors, Mrs. Hanan Al Shawaf, Ms. Anita Moutchayan, and Miss Dima Matta, attended the First Symposium on the Teaching of Writing, hosted by the English Communication Skills Program at the American University of Beirut.
Eight Universities had their active participation in this Symposium: the American University of Beirut, Haigazian University, the Lebanese American University, Notre Dame University, Rafik Hariri University, Lebanese University, University of Balamand, and Saint-Joseph University.
After presenting their subsequent reports on course offerings, challenges, goals and needs, representative of Universities were divided into groups, to discuss, analyze and synthesize the overlapping and diverse needs of the writing programs. The session was followed by outlining and combining the visions and goals of each program.

In conclusion, the participants reflected upon and discussed the various options and opportunities for future collaboration among the universities, in an effort to promote a mutually beneficial conversation. The creation of a LinkedIn group was proposed, whereby faculty members from the eight universities can have a professional discussion on teaching writing and sharing experiences and suggestions.





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