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“Diverse Recall”: Latest photo exhibition of HU Photography Club


Under the title “Diverse Recall”, the HU Photography Club organized a collective photo exhibition, on February 20, 2014.
The exhibition featured  27 photos taken by the 10 students of the Photography Club; Krikor Melkonian, Sandy Fahed, Meriane Mohamad, Garin Haidostian, Ismail Abdul Fatah, John Charbetjian, Sherine Rahal, Mona Ramadan, Zeinab Maloum, Omar  El Zahed.
The photos reflected the diversity among the University’s students, and the diverse locations and perspectives of each captured photo.
In his welcoming address, Student Life Coordinator, Mr. Chukri Charbetji thanked all the guests for supporting the Photography Club with their presence, stating that the idea of this exhibition was a result of the creativity of the students.
He further pointed out that the students have chosen the most common and simple sceneries and structures and have exposed them from intricate angles, showing a deeper aspect with several dimensions.


Mira Yardemian
PR Director


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