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Fighting Violence Against Women

The Social & Behavioral Sciences Society (SBSS) at Haigazian University organized two events in February-March 2014:

On February 28, 2014, SBSS received Ms. Leen Hashem, a social worker and activist in gender issues, who gave a very inspiring talk on Sexual Harassment. Ms. Hashem’s presentation attracted a big audience of both sexes in HU Auditorium and was received with much appreciation from all the attendees. The talk highlighted the definition and different types of harassment with clear examples, delineated the dynamics that enable sexual harassment to happen and go unaddressed, ranging from the “patriarchal” concept of unquestionable authority to the absence of laws and policies to protect women against such practices. A short DVD-track followed, illustrating with much humor different sexual harassment scenarios to which women are often exposed in their daily lives. Questions and interventions from the audience clearly reflected the importance of discussing such a “taboo” topic in our society. At the end of the talk, small symbolic “self-defense” kits were offered to attendees, containing special brochures on how to handle harassment situations.

On March 8, 2014, SBSS, in cooperation with other students’ clubs and societies at Haigazian, namely the Social Activities' club, the English Society and the Political Science Society, actively participated in the “Say No to Violence” march that was organized by KAFA Organization to lobby for a law protecting women from domestic abuse in Lebanon. Many posters with powerful messages were carefully designed by the students who marched, alongside hundreds and hundreds of concerned citizens, to assert their position against domestic violence.

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