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Haigazian University Goes Green

With the aim of raising awareness across students, faculty and staff members, the Haigazian University Environmental Club organized an awareness campaign under the title “HU Goes Green”.
The campaign launched a new bench that is made of plastic and nylon used at the University, with the help of Mr. Ziad Abi Chaker, the founder of “Cedar Environmental”; engineering and industrial organization dedicated to treat municipal solid waste through recycling and produce certified organic fertilizers with zero waste.
In addition to that, samples of the recycling steps were displayed on campus under the title of “Story of My Life”, informing Haigazian students of the process the plastic and the nylon go through to be used in the making of the bench.
The launching of the bench was followed by a competition held within the campus entitled “Sit on Her Majesty”. The competition required the contestants to take creative shots with the bench, and post them on the HU Environmental Club page on Facebook ( The student with the highest number of likes won a prize of 500 GB external hard disk.
The second event Haigazian’s Environmental Club organized highlighted the ignorance and exploitation of water. The BLUGOLD project was identified through a petition form where students could vote for a law that saves water. At the same time, a glimpse of a desert was displayed across the HU campus, “Haigazian in 20 years”, emphasizing on the end result if no proactive measurements were taken to protect sacred resources. Moreover, water was cut off across the university for two straight hours.
“HU goes Green” is more than a campaign; it is a call to make a change and to start with the simplest steps that initiate eternal spirit.

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