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A Victorious Return from Armenia by all means!

Haigazian University’s sports teams came home with trophies after a week of challenging matches in Armenia, Yerevan.
Student athletes traveled from April 18th till April 25th 2014. Having participated in twelve games, the Haigazian sports delegation returned home with honorable results having won in seven games, and losing only in four, and drawing from one.
Accompanied by their coaches, Haigazian athletes competed in men’s and women’s futsal, basketball, and table tennis, playing against the sports delegation of Yerevan State University and Pedagogical University.
Mr. Sahag Bidinian, Sports Coordinator of Haigazian University, mentioned that “France in 2004 and 2006, Barcelona in 2008, 2010, and 2011, Egypt in 2009, Cyprus in 2012, Armenia in 2014; a dream came true… 2015 awaits a bigger surprise than ever…”
One of the main reasons the trip was scheduled during this time period was the coinciding date of the 99th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. Haigazian athletes had the opportunity to be a part of the annual Genocide march together with thousands of Armenians, uniting from all around the world, walking towards Dzidzernagapert Genocide Memorial.
Mr. Razmig Kaprielian, Director of Student Life, stated, “Going to Armenia with a delegation of 38 people for several purposes was more than a trip... Having friendly games with some of the universities in Armenia was important, but the more important part was participating as Haigazian representatives in the march of April 24 to the Dzidzernagapert monument to pay our tribute to the Armenian genocide victims”.In addition to paying their moral obligations as descendants of the Armenian martyrs, our students had the chance to visit many historical and touristic sites and got introduced to the rich Armenian culture, visiting; Lake Sevan, Tilijan, Vernisaj, Etchmiadzin during Easter, Sartarabad, Keghart, Karni, Mayr Hayasdan and Khor Virab.
Selected group of students also visited Mrs. Hranoush Hagopian, the Minister of Diaspora.


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