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Hemophilia Discussed at Haigazian University

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, the Lebanese Association for Hemophilia, LAH, in cooperation with Haigazian University, held a one hour presentation on Hemophilia.
Mrs. Solange Sakr, President and Co-founder of LAH, introduced the topic of Hemophilia; a hereditary disease resulting in a rare anomaly of blood coagulation, leading to bleeding, organ damage, a variety of physical problems, and even death.  Mrs. Sakr also shared with the audience the history of the Lebanese Association for Hemophilia, and the contributions of the organization dedicated to help hemophilic patients.
Mr. Elie Khayro, a hemophilic patient, shared his personal experience, describing how he was diagnosed at first with the disease, the support of his family to help him through the hard times, and the social discrimination he dealt with as a consequence of his condition, in school, at university, and later at work.
A member of the LAH board committee and Hematologist at HDF, Dr. Claudia Khayat, presented a comprehensible medical power point, underlining general medical and health facts about hemophilia. Dr. Khayat also presented some statistics describing the situation in Lebanon.
Mrs. Sakr concluded by stating the current situation of hemophilia patients in Lebanon, and how it has been approached by the LAH over the past years.
The conference ended with an interactive Q&A session, where the guest speakers provided detailed responses to the various questions of the audience.

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