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Conference on “Armenians of Lebanon (II)” at Haigazian University

Beirut, 26/5/2014 – Organized by the Armenian Diaspora Research Center at Haigazian University, the conference titled “Armenians of Lebanon (II)” took place from May 14 to May 16, 2014.
A group of 16 panelists composed of scholars and recent university graduates, coming from Armenia, Lebanon, the US, and Europe, discussed thoroughly the standing of the Lebanese Armenians in Lebanon. 
Following the official opening on May 14, 2014, featuring guest of honor, prominent scholar and historian, Prof. Richard Hovannisian from the United States, on the topic of “the Vital Role of the Lebanese Armenian Community: Reminiscences from the Mid-Twentieth Century”, the conference convened four sessions on the following two consecutive days, covering sixteen topics.
Panelists were Dr. Huda Kassatly on “The Photographer Hovsep Madenian: in the context of Lebanese Armenian Photography”, Dr. Anahis Donabedian on “Western Armenian Language Problems in the Lebanese Armenian Community”, Dr. Armen Urneshlian on “The Armenian Subjects’ Teachers in the Lebanese Armenian Schools”, Dr. Ohannes Geukjian on “ An Ignored Relationship: The Role of the Lebanese Armenian Diaspora in Conflict Resolution”, Mr. Roupen Avsharian on “ Armenian MPs throughout the Lebanese Parliaments: An Assessment from Within”, Dr. Irina Papkova in absentia on “ The Lebanese Armenian Church and its Milieu”, Dr. Antranig Dakessian on “Embracing Common Causes: The Lebanese Armenians, the May 6 Martyrs’ and Lebanese Independence Days”, Dr. Claude Mutafian on “Lebanese-Armenian Alliances and the Time of the Crusades”, Dr. Vahram Shemmasian on “the Settlement of Musa Dagh Armenians in Anjar, 1939-1940”, Dr. James Stocker on “the United States Government and the Armenian Community in Lebanon, 1943-1975”, Dr. Arman Yeghiazarian on “the Lebanese Armenian Community and the Issue of Armenian Diaspora Typology”, and from the young scholars Hratch Kestenian on “Armenian Student Life and the Syrian Protestant College”, Yeghig Tashjian on “the Third Track in Lebanese Armenian Community, 1956-1960”, Vahakn Keshishian on “Armenians in the Lebanese Public Administration”, Araz Kodjayan on “Public Effect in Times of Crisis: GeziPark Events as Reflected Among Lebanese Armenians”, and Shant Vartanian on “the Syrian-Armenian Refugees in Lebanon”.
Presentations and sessions were moderated by Dr. Angela Harutyunian, Dr. Joseph Al-Agha, Dr. Arda Ekmekji, and Dr. Richard Hovannisian.
The conferenced also witnessed two important events: the book launch of the first volume of the Houshamadyan project, entitled “Ottoman Armenians: Life, Culture, Society, Vol. 1 by Dr. Vahe Tashjian, in addition to an evening talk on “A Historical Excursion in Bourj Hammoud” by Mr. Vicken      Avakian, followed by an exhibition of rare Bourj Hammoud pictures and a collection of long plays and singles of Lebanese Armenian singers and choirs of the 1960s and 70s.
Preparations have already started for the 2015 conference, covering the topic “Armenians of Syria”.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Antranik Dakessian
Director, Armenian Diaspora Research Center
Haigazian University





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