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Food Safety in Lebanon: Trends and Challenges

Organized by the UNESCO-Club, in collaboration with the Nutrition Department at Haigazian University, a lecture on “Food Safety in Lebanon: Trends and Challenges”, took place on Monday, December 8, 2014, in the University’s auditorium.
Guest speaker, Dr. Hussein F. Hassan, Assistant Professor of Food Science & Technology at the Lebanese American University (LAU), introduced the topic by first defining food, as a mean to sustain and enjoy life, but also as a medium for transmitting hazard, causing diseases and death due to its chronic and acute effects, in turn leading to foodborne diseases.
Hassan discussed some of the new conditions facilitating the emergence pathogens such as new animal feeding practices, changes in animal husbandry, increases in international trade, highlighting how big foodborne illness problem in Lebanon is.
To try to establish food safety in Lebanon, Hassan mentioned some of the steps the Lebanese government has undertaken in the past years. He also added some steps that could enhance food safety; such as the establishment of a food safety body, a Lebanese FDA, that unites the work of ministries and other public bodies in Lebanon, organizing a yearly “National Food Safety Day”, increasing surveillance of the customs on imported foodstuffs, and several others steps.
The conference ended with an interactive Q&A session, where Hassan provided detailed responses to the various questions of the students.


Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Department


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