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U.S. Honors 35 University Scholarship Program Graduates at Haigazian University

The American Ambassador David Hale visited Haigazian University to celebrate the graduation of 35 University Scholarship Program (USP) students in June 2015, and distributed Academic Excellence awards to 12 scholars.  Through USP, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supports disadvantaged yet talented Lebanese public school students with full undergraduate scholarships that cover all educational and ancillary costs. 

The $64 million USP provides Lebanese students the opportunity to pursue an American-style education that promotes tolerance and social equality, as well as challenges students to develop skills in leadership and critical thinking.  The USP covers tuition fees, books, living expenses, housing, and medical insurance.  
Since September 2010, the USP has supported 65 students at Haigazian.  The students, 74% of whom are female, have already completed their intensive language year and have embarked on their junior and senior years.  Students are enrolled in medical lab, business, and computer science.
In his remarks, President Haidostian thanked USAID for its ongoing support and partnership with Haigazian University, and applauded its strong emphasis on education. He added: “We all realize that as much as formal education is important in the development of people and nations, the value system that is conveyed, the worldview that is created in institutions that educate is of equal importance to the formal curriculum. Eventually, what we hope to have is not simply degree holders, but mainly good, dynamic and constructive young adults who move the world into a better space, and the USAID scholarships have been helping us be empowered further.”


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