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“Vibrant Feelings”: The Recent Works of Lena Aydenian at Haigazian University

On Friday, June 5th, 2015, the exhibition “Vibrant Feelings” of artist Lena Aydenian opened at the Haigazian University Art Center, the Matossian Gallery.
The exhibition started with the welcoming words of the University’s Public Relations Director, Mira Yardemian, who highlighted the role of the Center in promoting culture and art to the Lebanese community at large.
Yardemian also noted that the gallery was named in tribute of Mrs. Maggie Matossian’s dedication and financial contribution. Matossian, who was a member of the University’s local board, and founding member of Beirut’s Women’s Auxiliary, had recently passed away in the United States.
In her capacity as a close friend of the artist, Ms. Dalal Farah, had a small talk, highlighting on the other aspects of Aydenian’s personality, pointing out on the latter’s generosity, sensibility and altruism.
“Vibrant Feelings” is the 6th solo show of artist Lena Aydenian. The 42 artworks are from the artist’s 2014 collection, representing her state of mind with all its upside downs. However, the green color is omnipresent in almost all her paintings, symbolizing her positive spirit, hope and optimism.
Lena was initiated to painting since her early childhood, has held 5 solo and more than 50 collective exhibitions during the past 12 years. Greatly influenced by the Master Salvatore Dali, Lena paved her own path in surrealism by emphasizing her passion for light, color, fantasy and symbolic expressionism.


Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director



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