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Haigazian University Celebrates Founders’ Day

Haidostian: “Service would be a vague and impotent term if it is directed to oneself”

Beirut, 13/10/2015 - “Service would be a vague and impotent term if it is directed to oneself... Our definition of success should always include the component of having others live better lives” said Haigazian University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, in his inaugural speech at the Founders’ Day, on October 12, 2015.
This commemorative celebration which marked the official kickoff of the academic year, and the closure of the University’s 60th Anniversary events in Lebanon, honored five University alumni who hold leading positions in institutions or organizations that serve society in core and critical matters. The recipients were, Mr. Ghassan Sayah, Chairman of the Board of the YMCA and Senior Advisor of the Ministry of Environment; Mr. Serop Ohanian, Lebanon Field Director of the Howard Karageuzian Commemorative Corporation; Ms. Pauline Sagherian, Director of the Jinishian Memorial Program in Lebanon; Dr. Nabil Costa, Executive Director of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development and Secretary General of the Association of Evangelical Schools in Lebanon; and Mrs. Aline Deyirmenjian, Director of the Armenian Evangelical Social Action Committee in Lebanon. Candidates were introduced by University deans, Drs. Fadi Asrawi and Arda Ekmekji, after which they received their certificates of recognition from the President.  
President Haidostian placed particular emphasis on the Haigazian University’s value system, especially the core value of “service”, also acknowledging the various student clubs of the University that are “geared to serve society and to meet the needs of others”. Haidostian concluded by underlining the vitality of this value, giving the example of the Middle East which is currently on the move. “Millions are on the move, displaced, misplaced. So, new social problems are developing for them and for the host communities alike.  It is not top policies and theories that will help. Field work will make a change,” he said. 
On this special occasion, and after an introduction by the Board Vice-Chair John Sagherian, renowned Lebanese-Armenian sculptor Raffi Tokatlian offered Haigazian University a unique sculpture entitled “Cross – Immortal Rights”, thus enriching the University’s collection.
The ceremony, which was opened by a prayer by Campus Minister Wilbert Van Saane, was musically entertained by students, Hovig Achekian on the violin and Vahan Saghdejian on the piano, playing Yanni’s “Until the Last Moment” with great talent.


Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director


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