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Haigazian under the Christmas Spell

Since early December, Haigazian University family joins its efforts, talents and goodwill towards living the full experience of the Christmas season, thus filling the air with a twist of joy, happiness, and hope for a better tomorrow.
Sights and sounds of the season surrounded the campus, from Christmas villages and sparkling trees, offices and courtyards decorations, receptions, caroling, student parties, gifts exchange to holiday plans.
Celebrations kicked off with the Christmas Tree-Lighting ceremony in the Mugar garden, an event jointly hosted by University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian and the Women’s Auxiliary. Haidostian offered a short prayer of blessing, appreciating the auxiliary’s contributions and efforts in supporting the University. The Hamazkaine’s “Gargatch” Children Choir musically animated the evening, adding a further atmosphere of cheer and joyfulness.
To convey best the genuine message of Christmas, the most awaited solemn and uplifting chapel service of the year, focused on the notions of Goodwill and Gift Offerings.
While President Haidostian invited everyone to be “people of goodwill” onto others, thus honoring Christ on his birthday, Campus Minister Rev. Wilbert Van Saane reflected on, “how seemingly small gifts can make a big difference”, giving the example of the birth of  baby Jesus to a humble family and how he became the best gift to humanity, incorporating love, forgiveness and reconciliation.
During the service, members of the Actors Club played an adapted version of the short story ‘The Gift of the Magi’ by the American author O. Henry, whereas the Spiritual Life Band led the community in singing Christmas carols.
To live the season to the fullest, the Desert Stream Club worked towards a food and toy drive in favor of underprivileged families in the Beirut, Bekaa and the South regions, whereas the Social Activities, Dance and Music clubs, under the title of “A Sparkling Christmas”, will wrap up the magic of the season through participating in the cheering activities organized by the Municipality of Byblos, around the huge Christmas tree of the city.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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