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On April 14, 2016, the Social & Behavioral Sciences Society (SBSS) at Haigazian University hosted a very special event in celebration of the International Month of Autism (April), entitled: “Autism in Adulthood”, in the presence of University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Arda Ekmekji, faculty members and many students from the Psychology and Education departments.
The panel discussion which centered on the topic of work opportunities for adults with autism, hosted speakers from the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS), one of the pioneer associations in Lebanon advocating the rights of people with autism.
Founder and President of LAS Arwa Halawe, briefly spoke about her experience with autism, from a mother’s perspective, and introduced the mission and vision of LAS.
Psychologist Roula Rached, presented a summary of all the vocational opportunities available to people with autism and how LAS has been able to provide training on skills to match market needs.
The final panelist, Ali Tleiss, a young man with autism, shared his experience of overcoming the challenges of autism and developing his potentials to the maximum, through his creative artistic work.

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