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Dr. Nanor Karageozian Appointed as Director of the Armenian Studies Department

As part of its commitment to academic excellence and its particular role in the promotion of Armenian studies, the Haigazian University administration announces the appointment of Dr. Nanor Karageozian as director of its Armenian Studies Department starting academic year 2016–2017.

Dr. Karageozian, a Haigazian University (B.A.) and American University of Beirut (M.A.) graduate, completed her D.Phil. degree in International Development at the University of Oxford in January 2016. Her doctoral thesis is titled “Long-term Diasporic Return Migration in Post-Soviet Armenia: Balancing Mobility and Sedentarism,” while her M.A. thesis at AUB’s Department of Political Studies and Public Administration focused on the diaspora policies and the policy-making processes of post-Soviet Armenia.

Dr. Karageozian’s research interests include the Armenian diaspora and homeland–diaspora relations; diaspora and migration studies; return migration and repatriation; social theory and its application to the study of (diasporic) return migration; ethnic identity and nationalism; forced migration and refugee studies; and international development in Armenia and the Middle East.
The Armenian Studies Department, which grants a B.A. in Armenian Studies, coordinates its efforts with the Derian Armenological Library, the Haigazian Armenological Review editorial board, and the Armenian Diaspora Research Center.
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