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Lebanon and the Arab Uprisings – In the eye of the hurricane

 “Lebanon and the Arab Uprisings – In the eye of the hurricane” is a recent book published by Routledge -Taylor & Francis Group, co-edited by Dr. Maximilian Felsch, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Haigazian University, and Martin Wählisch, an affiliated Scholar of the Issam Fares Institute at the American University of Beirut.
The book provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation in Lebanon, and a detailed assessment of the challenges which the country is currently facing due to the regional turmoil and especially the war next door in Syria. The volume is divided into three main parts; part one discussing the stability, unity and confessional balance in the country, tackling issues such as Lebanon’s consociational politics in the post-2011 Middle East,  the role of Hizbullah in the Syrian conflict, Jihadism in Lebanon after the Syrian uprising, and the rise of Christian nationalism in Lebanon. Part two analyzes the humanitarian, economic and social challenges of the issue of refugees (Syrian and Palestinian), the economic cost of the Arab uprising on Lebanon, as well as the fight for oil and gas in the region. Part three discusses the Lebanese foreign policy, regional ties and international relations vis-a-vis Syria, the United States and the European Union.




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