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Summer Trainings at the Center of Continuing Education


During summer 2016, the Center of Continuing Education (CCE) at Haigazian University, through its In-Service Teacher Training Program, provided a series of four diploma classes and eight workshops, attracting numerous participants from fifty Lebanese schools of various regions, as well as from Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
The CCE gives adults the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills through two programs: the Adult Education Program and the In-Service Teacher Training Program. It is an interactive learning environment providing adults of different career backgrounds, as well as public and private, profit and non-profit organizations’ human resources to learn and update their knowledge and skills, through programs, courses, workshops, and lectures.
Participants of the summer trainings, mostly School Coordinators and Division Heads, attended a rich array of topics in both Arabic and English languages such as: Classroom Management, Emotional Intelligence, Using Humor in the Preschool, Brain Based Teaching, Motivating Students in the Classroom, and much more. Moreover, the CCE has also provided catered workshops and classes for schools at their own premises, in few remote areas of Lebanon.
Since its founding in 1955, Haigazian University has trained teachers through its regular programs and continuing education. The In-Service Teacher Training Program started in 1993 with a single course for teachers. Now, through its various programs and workshops it offers a great variety of topics and on-site trainings, aiming at making quality training accessible to teachers, coordinators and administrators. According to the CCE Director, Sebouh Gurunlian, these training sessions and workshops are the starting point of positive changes in educational institutions. “The CCE office already agreed with administrations of different schools to follow up the impact of these workshops throughout the year with teachers and coordinators, through observations, reports and coaching”, said Gurunlian. . This newly adopted methodology by schools and administrations comes under the Consultancy services provided by the CCE that reflects its mission of on-going improvement and quality education.



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