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The Missing Persons of Lebanon: the Hidden Tragedy

The Psychology Department at Haigazian University hosted, for the second consecutive year, an event on the “Missing Persons in Lebanon”, in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), on Tuesday, May the 16th, 2017, in the University Auditorium.
The event started with a general talk by Ms. Rabab El Khatib, Senior Field Officer for the Missing Department in ICRC, on the efforts ICRC has been exerting since 2011 to provide psycho-social support for the families of the missing persons in Lebanon.
Clinical psychologist and coordinator, Ms. Roubina Tahmazian, then gave a presentation on the Theory of Ambiguous Loss, which serves as a framework for ICRC to base their support-intervention program.
The next session was then reserved to the Psychology and Social Work students at Haigazian University and included a semi-workshop animated by Mr. Elie Sarkis, Mental Health project officer at ICRC and Ms. Myra Saad, founder of the Artichoke Art Therapy Center in Lebanon, who discussed how art therapy, through the “Empty Chair” model, can contribute to alleviate the grief and anxieties of the families of the disappeared.
Few documentaries were also projected to highlight the sufferings of the families of this “hidden tragedy” that has been going on since the dark days of the Lebanese civil war.

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