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Haigazian University mourns Father Antranig Granian

Haigazian University, The Editorial Board of the Haigazian Armenological Review and the Department of Armenian Studies at Haigazian University mourn with great sorrow the passing of their Editor-in-Chief and colleague, the erudite and intellectual thinker:
Father Antranig Granian
Who passed away on Wednesday, September 27 at 7 in the morning in the Armenian Catholic convent in Bzoummar.
Father Granian joined the Haigazian University Faculty in 1978, teaching numerous courses in Classical Armenian, Church History and Armenian Music. In 1990, he became the Editor-in-Chief of the Haigazian Armenological Review, which to this day he supervised whole heartedly and meticulously.
With his passing away, the Lebanese Armenian community loses a national, spiritual, religious icon and an exemplary role model of his generation.

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