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Founders’ Day

Haigazian University Officially Kicks off its New Academic Year with the Celebration of its Founders’ Day
Prominent Lebanese banks were honored on this occasion

Haigazian University officially kicked off its academic year 2017-2018, with the commemorative celebration of its Founders’ Day, which took place on Monday the 16th of October 2017, having as keynote speaker, former Minister of Finance and currently the Chair of the Tripoli Special Economic Zone, H.E. Mrs. Raya Haffar Al-Hassan.
Seven prominent Lebanese banks, the Central Bank of Lebanon, Byblos Bank, Bank Audi, Bank of Beirut, Creditbank, Credit Libanais, and BLOM Bank, were honored during this auspicious celebration, whereby the University acknowledged their ongoing investment in HU graduates.
The Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Dr. Fadi Asrawi expressed his pride in HU graduates, stating that they have developed “the leadership, ethics and interactive skills all companies value so much in the work environment”.  He then called upon the representatives of above-mentioned banks to receive their plaques of appreciation from the University’s President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian.
In her keynote address, Mrs. Al-Hassan praised the vision of Haigazian University summarized in “academic excellence, diversity and ethical conduct”, considering those values “strongly needed in Lebanon today”. She said the Founders would feel a sense of pride to witness the seeds they have planted are now “fully blossoming trees rooted in the high quality education sector of Lebanon”. Moving into the social and economic challenges Lebanon is facing, Al-Hassan proposed a close cooperation between universities and policy makers. From the universities’ side, Al-Hassan recommended a new role for them in assisting and supporting policy making. “This is a hidden power for universities; the ability to influence decision making through proactive research”, she said. As for the government’s part, Al-Hassan proposed to stop the “excessive licensing”, considering it the “greatest threat to education”. She went further to suggest the “subsidy of higher educational facilities”. “Government can for example provide incentives such as tax credit to corporations making financial contributions to universities or by sponsoring research”, Al-Hassan noted. The former minister concluded her speech by acknowledging the fact that the hope rests with the youth and in strengthening the social contract between universities and the rest of the Lebanese society.
For his part, President Haidostian summarized Haigazian University’s institutional history and foundation in three pointed lessons. He first praised the true philanthropy of the founders who “planted the seed of deeper values in other than the self” by naming the university in honor of Dr. Armenag Haigazian (an exemplary educator and victim of the Armenian Genocide) instead of in their names as generous donors. In lesson two, Haidostian explained how profit makes sense only if one knows “what to do with what is gained, and how to utilize the benefit”, exactly as what the founders did when they invested their wealth in deeper and wider virtues, such as “education”. Finally, as a vivid example of the protestant ethics, and sharing the philosophy of the Reformation, Haidostian explained in lesson three that “all business should have the depth life deserves, and that could be accomplished through a sense of vocation in combining the sacred and the secular in one’s work. Expressing his pride in HU graduates occupying all levels of leadership positions in Lebanon and abroad, Haidostian concluded his speech by an array of honoring wishes on this occasion: “Honor the virtues of the founders. Honor the memory of an exemplary victim of the Genocide (Armenag Haigazian). Honor the rich industrious heritage of your Lebanese space and culture. Honor yourselves by focusing on what is valuable, and on working hard to project your good spirit before everything else”, he said
The ceremony, which was attended by political, diplomatic, religious and community leaders, in addition to a capacity audience of faculty, staff and students, opened with a prayer of invocation offered by the Campus Minister, Rev. Wilbert Van Saane, and was musically entertained by a quartet of the University’s Music Club; students Ari Vartanian on the piano, Hovig Ashekian and Nare Ashkarian on the violin, and Hagop Pamboukian on the guitar graciously played “De Yerkir Arax”.
The event concluded over a decent reception and congratulatory cheers in the Mugar Hall.
Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director


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