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Conference on “Armenians of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia”


The Haigazian University-based Armenian Diaspora Research Center will organize its fifth annual conference in 2018 on the Armenian communities of the Middle East.
The conference will be held in two stages: a) in Cairo (April) and b) at Haigazian University (May).
I. Research papers may be presented on any of the following topics:
A) History: Armenians in Egypt, Sudan or Ethiopia.- a) in the pre-Genocide era, b) during the Armenian Genocide, c) during the post-Genocide period to the recent times.
B) The State establishment and the Armenians:  Armenians in state offices (the ministries, the military establishment, health, local government, etc.); minority rights in the constitution.
C) Refugee camps, residential areas and conditions: past and current Armenian settlements/residential areas in the said countries, their evolution in time, demography, occupation, etc.
D) The Armenian Church: history and role of the Armenian Church (Apostolic, Catholic and Evangelical) in the said countries, its role in inter-religious dialogue and its humanitarian outreach.
E) Organizations: history and role of Armenian organizations (social, philanthropic, sports, etc.) in the said countries.
F) Culture: schooling and education, newspapers-literature-publications, choirs, theatre, radio and TV programs, renowned Armenian cultural figures, authors, actors, painters etc.
G) Identity & Integration: Contribution of the community to the local culture (theatre &TV, arts,  photography, sports, music etc.), economy and industry, business and the market, media and publishing; social and philanthropic organizations; politics; matters of identity and the integration of Armenians in the native communities.
H) The Community in the eyes of the natives: The image of Armenians in the native culture (movies, theater, literature, oral history, collective memory, etc).
I) The Diaspora: Repatriation of the Armenians of the said countries to Soviet Armenia since the 1920s; the Egyptian/Sudanese/Ethiopian Diaspora in the West (the US, Europe and Australia).
J) Relations with: Armenia, the Middle East Armenian communities, and the Armenian Diaspora at large.
II. Participants are expected to present a research paper for 20 minutes in Armenian or English.
a) The proceedings of the conference will be published in a separate book.
b) Participants will have till July 30, 2018 to modify/further improve/develop their papers for the book (if need be).
c) The HU ADRC will provide up to three days of accommodation for the participants of the conference.
d) Applicants are expected to submit an abstract of their paper by email by November 25, 2017 to the Armenian Diaspora Research Center.
e) Official confirmation of participation and acceptance of the topic will be announced by December 20, 2017.
For further details, contact: 00961 1 349230 ext. 205, or 00961 3 712058, or email to:
Armenian Diaspora Research Center


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