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Haigazian University Armenological Review: Launching the 27th Volume in Artsakh

Haigazian University Armenological Review: Launching the 27th Volume in Artsakh

Under the auspices of the Minister of Culture and Education of Artsakh, Kamo Atayan, Haigazian University Armenological Review's 27th volume was launched on Friday, August 31, 2007, in the Armenological Center of the State University of Artsakh (SAU), Stepanakert, Artsakh.
After welcoming words by the Head of the Armenological Department, Vahram Balayan, the Rector of the University, Hamlet Grigorian, and the Head of the Artsakh Writers and the Director of Narekatsi University, Vartan Hakobian, the Head of the Departmemt of Literature in SAU, Sograd Khanian briefed the public on the articles of the volume and highlighted some of them.
Haigazian University Armenological Review?s Editorial Board Member, Armen Urneshlian urged the scholars to contribute to the review with original scholarly research papers. He stressed that the Editorial Board has the objective of digging out and encouraging young scholars who would work and research in the field of Armenology. Mr. Urneshlian noted that, unlike others, the Board defines the discipline in a broader perspective, in contrast to the traditional view which locates it in the sphere of classical philology. He explained this act as aiming at updating Armenology to a more contemporary status. Urneshlian added that the aim of launching the volume in Artsakh was to incorporate Artsakh to the already established Armenia-Diaspora scholarly cooperation channel and to set up a new bridge that would create a triangular highway between the three Armenian spaces. Because, he said, "In its firm belief in teamwork, Haigazian University Armenological Review aims at bridging the scholars of Armenia and the Diaspora."
Souvenirs were handed to the Minster of Culture, and to Mr. Grigorian and Hakobian.
The function was concluded with a reception.
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