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Jerusalem Day

HU Students Commemorate the Jerusalem Day

On Tuesday, October 9, the Heritage Club commemorated the Jerusalem Day.
In his speech, Krikor Ekmekjian gave a brief history of the city and mentioned that it has been a religious center for the Muslims, Jews, and Christians. He added that the Armenians in line with the Arabs, Jews and Christians established their Quarter in the Old City as of the 5th Century.
Ali Mouzannar talked about the Separation Wall that was built lately. He assessed the impact the Wall was having on the population and said it reminded him of the Berlin Wall and the Korean division line, though the city itself symbolized fraternity and religious. Ali called on the democratic nations of the world to have a positive and influential impact on the fate of the city. He called on the world democratic forces demolish the Wall and all that negative it symbolizes.
In his word, Director of the Student Life, Mr. Dakessian highlighted the conflict of peace and violence that has accompanied the city throughout the centuries and called upon the world to help the city return to its original mission of peace and religious coexistence.
In the end, the students visited an exhibition of some 40 posters of the wall and historic sites in the Mugar Hall.
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