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Heritage Club Members Meet With Armand Baghdoyan

On Wednesday, October 17 Heritage Club members met with Mr. Armand Baghdoyan, who heads the Vartkes Yeghiaian Law Office research group on the insurance settlement case of insured Armenians who were massacred during the Armenian Genocide.
Mr. Baghdoyan narrated how the process of the group lawsuit started and developed. He noted that after the closure of the case against the New York Life Insurance Co., a new lawsuit has been filed against the French AXA Insurance Co., the legal inheritor of the Union et Vie French insurance company active in the pre-WWI Ottoman Empire. He detailed about the claimants, their country of residence and the number of those who have been compensated. Mr. Baghdoyan noted that this was the first time ever that Armenians were being compensated for some of their owning they lost because of the Genocide.
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