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Inauguration of the University Health Service Department
On March the 9th, 2005 took place in Room 401 of the College Bldg. of Haigazian University the opening of the newly equipped University Health Service Department.
Faculty, staff and students gathered in the new laboratory to get introduced to the new and high tech equipments.
Dr. Hassoun, the chair of the Natural Sciences Department gave a brief presentation of the lab and its machinery aiming at:
1-Enhancing the field of the Medical Laboratory Sciences, and providing internal training for senior students.
2- Serving and contributing to the field of research.
3- Providing laboratory services for the Haigazian community.
Then, Dr. Hassoun explained to the audience the functions of every equipment, and did a live test on a blood sample.
Among the many equipments, the lab includes:
1- Immuno Essay used for hormonal tests.
2- Electrophoresis to detect cancer from a simple blood test.
3- Hematology analyzer for CBC and differential analysis.
4- Spectrophotometer for enzyme measurement.
5- Thrombotimer to measure blood coagulation.
6- Flamephotometer for chemistry analysis.
7- Automated clinical chemistry analyzer used to perform routine chemistry tests, related to kidney, liver, heart as well as metabolic disorders.
In addition, there are machines for urinalysis, used to detect urine infection, and bacterial culture, in addition to equipments to perform tests in molecular diagnostics, etc?
The audience was excited about the lab, especially that Dr. Hassoun announced that on long term the lab will be transformed into a more professional Health Services Department by appointing a medical doctor who will take care of accidents taking place in campus, in addition to archiving all students' medical reports.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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